Additional MUTCD Resources

Related Websites

The following websites provide additional information related to the MUTCD:

FHWA MUTCD website: This is the official MUTCD website. It provides the official version of the current MUTCD (PDF format); an accessible version in html format; lists of official rulings, interim approvals, and FHWA interpretations; Federal Register notices related to the MUTCD; states’ use of the MUTCD; and much more information. 

National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices: The NCUTCD is a private organization that develops recommendations for changes to the MUTCD, which the organization submits to FHWA for consideration.

Gene Hawkins MUTCD Information and History: Prior to joining Kittelson LLC, Gene Hawkins maintained a website at Texas A&M University that focused on the history of the MUTCD. This website will be maintained until all of the information has been moved to this Kittelson website.

White Papers by Gene Hawkins

These papers were developed by Gene as part of the effort to develop a vision and strategic plan for the MUTCD around 2012. These white papers were an early attempt at trying to help identify critical issues related to the future of the MUTCD and to help crystalize key perspectives on these issues. Some of these white papers were posted on the TAMU MUTCD website, others were never posted. 

  1. Purpose of the MUTCD
  2. MUTCD target audience
  3. MUTCD level of detail
  4. TCD future
  5. Organizing the MUTCD
  6. MUTCD Uniformity

Disclaimer: These white papers represent Gene’s thoughts as they existed at the time the white paper was developed. In some cases, his opinions have changed since writing the white paper. In addition, the papers listed as “unpublished” may not be fully developed, but are included here as a partial contribution to future discussion. Many of the published white papers included additional comments from several individuals. Those comments have not been included in the posted white papers.

Common Abbreviations used on the Website

AASHTO/AASHO: American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, previously American Association of State Highway Officials
CFR: Code of Federal Regulations
FHWA: Federal Highway Administration
FR: Final Rule (as used with the Federal Register)
MUTCD: Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
NCUTCD: National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
NPA: Notice of Proposed Amendments (as used with the Federal Register)
PDF: Portable Document Format
TCD: Traffic Control Device
UVC: Uniform Vehicle Code