Current Edition of the MUTCD (2009 MUTCD)

The 2009 MUTCD is the 10th and current edition of the MUTCD.  The 2009 MUTCD was originally proposed in January 2008 and was finalized in December 2009.  It became effective on January 15, 2010.  There have been three revisions to the 2009 MUTCD.  The development of the 2009 MUTCD is outlined below.

The May 14, 2012 Federal Register notice revised compliance dates related to traffic control devices.

The May 14, 2012 Federal Register notice revised definitions and guidance related to traffic control devices and clarified the use of engineering judgment in the application of traffic control devices. 

The December 16, 2009 Federal Register notice established the 2009 MUTCD and describes the significant changes in the Final Rule, including responses to selected comments.

Docket Comments

The docket for the proposed new edition of the MUTCD was open for seven months.  During that time, there were 1,941 submissions to the docket.

The January 2, 2008 Federal Register notice proposes a new MUTCD and described the major revisions proposed to the 2003 MUTCD.